Brief Information

IFRS 9 is the new accounting standard for financial instruments that will have an impact on International banks and financial institutions worldwide. This accounting standard sets out the requirements for recognising and measuring financial assets, financial liabilities and some contracts to buy or sell non-financial items. Numerous changes are in place, designed to make annual reports more meaningful to investors as well as simplify how auditors implement the rules and introduce safeguards to ensure that a severe credit crises cannot emerge again.

This course specifically focuses on the new rules and reporting standards contained in IFRS 9 which is designed for professionals who have experience of operating under IAS 39 and wish to gain in-depth understanding of what’s new in IFRS 9 and the implications for the design, management and reporting of hedging strategies.

Your Benefit

  • Professional accountants working in banks or financial institutions;

  • Traders, product controllers and risk managers;

  • Independent accountants, consultants and lawyers who advise firms on the design of

    hedging strategies and related accounting.


Training program

  • How IFRS about financial instruments developed over time
  • What is the current status of IFRS about financial instruments
  • Presentation of financial instruments
  •  Application of IAS 39 vs. IFRS 9
  • What the financial instrument IS and what it is NOT
  • Recognition of financial instruments
  • Measurement of financial instruments
  • Disclosure of financial instruments
  • Definition and examples of financial assets
  • Definition and examples of financial liabilities
  • Definition and examples of equity instruments
  • Definition and examples of derivatives

Couse Detail

  • Training Language: English 
  • Duration: 16 Hours
  • Start Date: TBD

Course fee:

  • For Individuals:  TBD
  • For Corporate Clients: TBD


What is included:

  • Books and refreshments are included.
  • Instruction by an expert facilitator
  • Small interactive classes
  • Specialized manual and course materials
  • Personalized certificate of completion


  • World Business Center 7th floor