Aghshin Adigozelli

(Passed with HSI: ACCA F3/F2/F5)

My name is Agshin Adigozalli.  I am an Accounting Specialist at “Azerinteltek” JSC. In 2013, according to my career, I searched the courses in order to find a course which would help me to establish my accounting knowledge on the international sphere according to IFRS standards. I was recommended, by a friend of mine, Headstart International.  My first course at HSI was in 2013: F3 Financial Accounting. I passed the exam successfully. Following F3, I took F2 - Managerial Accounting  and F5 - Performance Management and successfully passed the exams, which proves quality and professionalism of HSI. Headstart International provides a unique opportunity for those who want to improve their professional career at the global accounting sphere. Work seekers wish to find jobs in an accounting sphere and who want to obtain a good IFRS knowledge and skills will be successful if they apply HSI.  I am very thankful to Headstart International team that they provide us with professional knowledge and that is why I would definitely recommend to course seekers to choose Headstart International for reaching their goals.

Amir Amirli

(Passed with HSI: CIMA Master Gateway)

Headstart International is the name of superior quality with amazing training services and helpful staff.  CIMA Master Gateway program is not my first attempt in this training center.  I have been participated in many trainings and courses held by Headstart International. Every time I have a great satisfaction as all my expectations are met and goals are achieved. The main assets of this center are training experts and staff which played invaluable role on my every training.  After every training course I achieved my goals and got right directions from experienced teachers. As the time passed in every step of my carrier path I can feel the power which I got from Headstart International. All these mentioned factors give me a great confidence and reliability to continue my future training programs in this center.

Elkhan Khojayev

(Passed with HSI: ACCA F5, CIMA Master Gateway)

Thank you so very much for all of your help and support during the training process. My teacher’s  guidance in steering me in the right direction on so many occasions, with regards to my training, was a tremendous help. If I need to take additional trainings related Accounting and Finance  in the future, I will certainly be contacting Headstart International. Thanks once again.

Elvin  Ismayilov

(Passed with HSI: ACCA F2 / F3 / F5 / F7)

 It was a great experience to be a student of Headstart International. I will be coming back to Headstart International in order to continue my papers on ACCA. Thank you for doing such a great job in training me and giving mea chance to reach my goals.

Konul Melikova

(Passed with HSI: ACCA F5 / F7 / F9) 

I have attended ACCA courses at Headstart International, and passed 5 exams.

What is distinguishing Headstart International from other training centers is that their aim is not only providing trainings. Headstart International is always open for any kind of feedbacks, they are looking for ways of improvement which is very appreciated. Very friendly atmosphere and lovely staff, helpful with questions, concept good teaching materials.

My personal gratitude goes to Syed Ali muallim, whose trainings I was attending most. He is extremely beneficial and highly motivate person whose enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with your students.

I, myself always happily recommend your courses to everyone starting ACCA/CIMA.

Nigar Aghalarova

(Passed with HSI: ACCA F3)

My Name is Nigar Aghalarova. I’m accountant at Nippon KOEI UK Co Ltd. I had a training for ACCA F3 program at Headstart International and my teacher was Mr. Syed Ali. Lessons went very interesting as our teacher was professional of his work. He explained his every lesson with a strength and superior knowledge.

I wish to all team of Headstart International success in the future progress. 

Nigar Babayeva

(Passed with HSI:  ACCA F1 / F2 / F3 / F4 / F5 / F7 / DipIFR)

The entire process of learning with ACCA is challenging, but what 90 percent of people struggle with is the exam. This is where choosing the right place to study is crucial. Headstart International was my decision after getting lots of positive reviews and high exam pass levels from my friends. Quite honestly, the difference between successfully passing the exam orfailing depends largely on your course providers.

Using the wrong could cause you to fail a section or two and cost you months of study time along with the feeling that you can’t do it.

Think smart and picking the guide that would work for my study habits and lifestyle I relied on HIS an extensive knowledge provider, with my DIPFR and passed it from the first attempt in June 2014 exam. I have also passed ACCA F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F7 and my teacher was Seyid Ali the best person and the most responsible teacher.

I especially would like to express my gratefulness to my teacher for organizing additional hours-long practicing lessons. HIS is the right destination to take you to your goals!!!

I am definitely going to continue with further levels of ACCA with HIS.

I strongly recommend all friends to continue their study with HIS. Smiling and supportive team with excellent environment will always help you to succeed.

Shabnam Mammadova

(Passed with HSI: ACCA F3 / DipIFR)

Headstart International helped me to increase my knowledge in Accounting and Finance and showed me indispensable support in preparing for ACCA exams. Here psychological and spiritual support of the teachers and the staff increases students’ self-confidence in successful completion of the trainings. I am grateful to Headstart International for shown support!

Suliddin Seyidov

(Passed with HSI: ACCA F1 / F2 / F3 / F5)

According to my opinion, HSI is the destination of choice for ACCA study. Students gain unrivalled experience with the leading tutors, flexible programmes, helpful staff and other opportunities here. Participants from the various industries are studying on an excellent environment to pursue their qualification. I have chosen HSI and experience the benefits immediately. As ACCA student I not only gain specialist knowledge in finance and accounting, but also acquire valuable skills in organisational management and strategy. Thank you HSI.

Gahraman Shahbazov

(Passed with HSI: ACCA F2 / F3 / F5 / CIMA Master Gateway)

I can say without any doubt that HSI has become a center of excellence in its sector that attracts many promising students and professionals. This turns classes into an opportunity for networking and capacity building. For me, HSI is not only a training center where I had opportunity to attend excel, ACCA and CIMA classes, but a very warm place where you can get support and study all the time even apart from your class hours. Having individual attention by staff members helps to get used easily and motivates to study.