Concrete Block Manufacturing

The client is the first company in Azerbaijan producing cellular Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks at a high technology and on the original equipment of German company "Wehrhahn". The production capacity of the factory is 600 cubic meters of aerated concrete and 100 tons of lime per day.

The company produces porous aerated concrete and lime. Company offers a large selection of quality products from porous aerated concrete, which fully comply with standards and the standards of modern construction industry and meet the demanding requirements of contractors.

In 2013 the company signed a contract with Headstart International for the cost and process optimization of the manufacturing facility. The scope of the assignment included assessment of existing cost centers, an analysis of activities and processes and their related costs as well as an in depth analysis of staff competency levels and staff costs for different departments.

The main aim of the project was reduction of costs through improving efficiencies andredesigning processes where possible, eliminating non-value added activities as well as other cost optimization measures.

The project covered the analysis of activities starting from the extraction of raw materials such as lime and sand until the finishing and packing stage of the final product, which is, aerated concrete blocks.

The cost centers examined were extraction of raw materials, production costs in different production cost centers, logistics and transportation, sales and marketing, and other administrative departments.

The duration of the project was three months and it was successfully completed in time. The final report was submitted to the Board of Directors. The report included 66 recommendations on optimization and improvement and more than 60 were approved by the management expressing their satisfaction.

Online Platform for Selling Consumer Products

The client is a subsidiary of an international company. The client provides the biggest online portal where thousands of local sellers in Azerbaijan offer their products. The client is a fast growing company leading the online selling portals in Azerbaijan.

Headstart International provides book keeping, accounting and reporting and human resource services tothe local subsidiary in Azerbaijan. We collect the information on weekly basis and produce monthly management reports and quarterly IFRS based financial statements to be submitted to the Head Office in Germany.

Plastic Pipe Manufacturing

The client is a plastic pipe manufacturing company located in Ganja. The company has recently experienced significant growth. The shareholders have invested heavily in the expansion projects. Due to the increasing volumes and increasing competition in the market the management decided to restructure the company on the modern grounds.

Headstart International was appointed as an independent consultant for the entire restructuring of the company. The project included optimization of costs, production planning, DCF analysis, preparation of projected financial statements, building internal controls, designing the management reports to be submitted on monthly, quarterly and annual basis as well as reviewing the accounting policy based on IFRS.

Oil Products Importer

The client is an importer and distributor of different world famous brands of engine oil from Japan, Germany and Russia.

Headstart International provided internal audit services for 2014. The assignment included a thorough internal audit of all accounting transactions from sales, purchases, receivables, payables, payroll as well as warehouse.

The ultimate objective was to produce the annual financial statements for the year 2014.

Online Platform for Food Ordering

The client is a subsidiary of one of the German based world’s largest online selling companies. The client provides the most powerful online tool for ordering food in Azerbaijan.

Headstart International provides book keeping, accounting and reporting and human resource services. We collect the information on weekly basis and produce monthly management reports and quarterly IFRS based financial statements to be submitted to the Head Office in Germany.

Full Service Clinic

The Clinic is a state of the art medical facility. The clinic is the first and only representative of Acibadem Turkey. Acibadem is the largest medical services organization in Turkey. Headstart International signed a contract with the client in September 2014. The scope of the project was to prepare a comprehensive business plan calculating the cost of medical services, cost of different departments and calculating the service fee and suggesting the pricing policy.

A part of the project also was to create the accounting system, internal document flow and management of Human Resources Department.

The business plan was submitted and accepted.

Fibro Cement Plant

The client is a full-scale complex manufacturing facility intended to produce fibro cement products such as facade tiles, floor underlay and other construction products. The factory is the first of its type in Azerbaijan.

Headstart International was appointed in December 2014 to review the CAPEX and OPEX budget for the manufacturing plant during the construction phase. The scope of the project includes a detailed analysis of all CAPEX items related to construction, main production line equipment, category B, C, D equipment as well as budget for the main factory building as well as overall infrastructure of the factory.

The project was completed and added significant value to the final CAPEX and OPEX budget. Headstart International produced a report at the end of the project providing the detailed analysis as well as recommendations for improvement. The report was accepted by the Management Board with satisfaction.