Brief Information

Employee training is the responsibility of the organization. Employee development is a shared responsibility of management and the individual employee. The responsibility of management is to provide the right resources and an environment that supports the growth and development needs of the individual employee. Human resource departments typically conduct activities designed to train and develop company personnel, whether to address performance problems or help prepare an employee for a management role. Developing employee capacity involves managing programs such as employee orientation sessions, policy and procedure awareness sessions, leadership development workshops and other options designed to enable your company (and employees) to succeed.


This course is designed for HR specialists, Training and Development department staff, trainingand learning coordinators and specialist.

Your Benefit

  • Courses, seminars, sessions on the Learning Calendar;
  • Developmental Transfer Assignments;
  • Special projects;
  • Acting opportunities;
  • Working with colleagues to redesign a work process;
  • Dealing with a dissatisfied customer or difficult supplier;
  • Leading team meetings;
  • Leadership Development Program;
  • Management Series;
  • Workshops and Seminars;
  • Job shadowing.

Couse Detail

  • Training Language: English
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Start Date: TBD

Course fee:

  • For Individuals: TBD
  • For Corporate Clients: TBD


What is included:

  • Books and refreshments are included.
  • Instruction by an expert facilitator
  • Small interactive classes
  • Specialized manual and course materials
  • Personalized certificate of completion


  • World Business Center 7th floor