Brief Information

Recent studies have shown that upwards of 40% of new leadership appointments struggle to make an impact in the early period. The consequence of this is that many leaders end up leaving, getting fired or not meeting expectations within the first 12 months. The 100th day of your appointment has become the first judgment point of leadership effectiveness within organizations and its importance cannot be overstated. Whether you’re becoming a manager for the first time, or moving into a new managerial role, it’s important to start out on the right foot. Planning, doing value-added work, setting context and boundaries, delegating, and establishing feedback loops are all crucial to success in any new managerial position. During your first 100 days you need to do four things: Observe, think, plan and “do”. On paper it looks pretty simple, but in practice it’s anything but easy.

Who should attend:

  • Non finance executives at various functional divisions responsible for developing and presenting budgets
  • Finance executives responsible for collating divisional budget information and consolidating them into a budget
  • Internal compliance executives responsible for ensuring observance to budgets

Your Benefit

  • At the end of this course managers will know how to:

  • Make the transition from team member to manager by gathering critical information, familiarizing yourself with workplace priorities and requirements, holding meetings with key players, establishing trust and credibility, and managing the basic elements of work.

  • Identify methods of coaching great performances from your team members, resolving the everyday conflicts that arise, and working within the corporate structure by managing up.

  • Conduct performance appraisals, monitor work processes, communicate effectively with team members, build an internal network of supportive colleagues, and avoid common management pitfalls. Step forward and assume their new responsibilities with confidence.

Couse Detail

  • Training Language: English 
  • Duration: 16 Hours
  • Start Date: TBD

Course fee:

  • For Individuals:  TBD
  • For Corporate Clients: TBD


What is included:

  • Books and refreshments are included.
  • Instruction by an expert facilitator
  • Small interactive classes
  • Specialized manual and course materials
  • Personalized certificate of completion


  • World Business Center 7th floor